Duration of Damage Investigations

Peer-reviewed published studies provide an invaluable resource for determining the duration of water damage and mold in buildings. These studies detail the sequence of growth of various mold species under different environmental conditions, enabling professionals to accurately determine the age of mold growth. By comparing the specifics of the damage with relevant studies, experts can assess how long the mold has been present and, by extension, how long the building has been experiencing water damage. Additionally, peer-reviewed research offers insights into the degradation rates of materials exposed to water over time.

By understanding the typical timelines for material breakdown in the presence of moisture, experts can determine the onset of moisture exposure. This knowledge is critical in diagnosing the extent and duration of water damage, facilitating a targeted and effective remediation strategy. Consequently, the utilization of peer-reviewed studies aids not only in accurately dating water damage and mold growth but also in implementing the most appropriate solutions to restore building health and safety. This scientific approach lends precision and credibility to the investigation’s conclusions.