Post Remedial Verification (PRV) Sampling

In Florida there are two licenses that pertain to mold: Mold Assessors and Mold Remediators. These two licenses work together to achieve proper mold remediation. If a homeowner believes they have a mold problem, a licensed Mold Assessor should assess the concern and determine if there is mold. Additionally, the Mold Assessor should determine the source of the mold and if the mold needs to be professionally remediated. If remediation is necessary, the Mold Assessor should prepare a Mold Remediation Protocol. The Mold Remediation Protocol will provide site specific directions for proper remediation of the mold. A Licensed Mold Remediator from a separate company will than follow the Protocol to remediate the mold.

After the Mold Remediator has completed remediation the Mold Assessor should return to the property and verify that the mold was properly remediated. To confirm remediation of the mold the Mold Assessor will use visual observations, moisture measurements, air samples, and verify that the Mold Remediation Protocol was properly followed. The Mold Assessor should prepare a report that verifies remediation of the mold. If these steps are followed, homeowners can rest assured that their mold problem has been properly remediated. At American Building Sciences we specialize in Mold Assessments, if you have concerns about mold in your home, please contact us so that we can help you resolve the issue.